How to Become Clear for Takeoff

The Jet 1 Cup will soon be launching extensive tests on the state-of-the-art equipment that pilots and gamers will use for the upcoming season in October 2022. While we cannot disclose the results of the tests to the general public in light of pending inspections, due diligence, and ongoing negotiations, the Jet 1 Cup will unveil what experts are keeping their eyes on throughout the tests.

The Tests to be Administered

These inspections will be administered by experts who will examine the equipment used for the Jet 1 Cup season, such as our advanced communication and video transmission systems, the aircraft's firing equipment, and the planes themselves.

  1. Communication and Video Transmissions
    Each team will be developing custom-made equipment, which requires advanced training and the utmost accuracy. At the completion of the test, teams will have a stronger understanding of where they stand versus their opponents and what areas may need improvement. The Jet 1 Cup will also conduct tests on its technology to ensure continuous and accurate communication and live video transmissions.
  2. Aircraft Firing Equipment
    While the Jet 1 Cup will analyze each aircrafts firing equipment internally, we will hold technology exhibitions in the future, where the general public can gather further knowledge about the firing apparatus of each jet.
  3. Jet 1 Cup Fighter Jet
    One of the fighter jets competing in the Jet 1 Cup is the L-39 Albatros due to its easy maintenance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. However, the Jet 1 Cup has an internal fleet of planes that'll be utilized for testing as we embrace other fighter jets during combat

    Each team will administer its own inspections while obeying aviation laws and regulations. However, the Jet 1 Cup cannot interfere with each plane's examination and isn't liable if a team fails to follow proper aviation laws and regulations.

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